How can you help?


If you are interested in becomming a foster carer for any type of animal, whether it be a dog or rodent please do not hesitate to contact us!


Do you see any of our lovely dogs or cats, or even a rabbit or snake, that you like the look of and are willing to offer them a forever home? Please contact us and ask about meeting them!


We are always most grateful for donations. Some items we need are; bedding, food and items for tombolas and auctions we hold to raise much needed money for the animals.

Our paypal button for donations is at the bottom of this page.


We are looking for people to help with transporting our animals between foster homes or on vet trips. If you think you could help let us know!


We try to fundraise as much as possible, so watch our fundraising page to see where we will be next! Maybe you could help with doing some fundraising too!


Please share our website and facebook page. You could help in getting our animals up for adoption our there for more people to see!